We are small Latvian family Ivo and Ruta.My interest with miniature schnauzers started in 2003 with my first black and silver girl FIDŹ SAIME'S FORTA. Together with she we started to learn all the things about this breed - grooming, handling - and fall in love in those great dogs! In 2004 we became a members of Cynological Club "RETO" where we met great people with the same interests. From them we got the best advices and ideas about taking care of the schnauzers. OberFidź is officially registered in FCI. Our chosen kennelname OberFidź comes from our family last name and the part of our first dogs name Fidź.

In 2011 we starting to breeding  Maine Coon cats. Our first cat from germany from our best friend cattery "Ushabti". And now we have a 6 cats  World Champion.




Published on  September 13th, 2019